More Divorces, Easier to Divorce?

The State of São Paulo’s registry office of notes had, last year, 9,317 divorces, an increase of 109% in relation to 2009, when there were 4,459 separations. The study was done by CNB-SP (Notary College of Brazil – São Paulo Section), an entity that represents the sector for the State.

The entity attributed the expressive growth to the ease with which couples can publish their divorce. In July of last year, via the Constitutional Amendment 66, the waiting period was extinguished. Before, couples only could part ways officially after one year of formal separation or two years while living in different houses.

Also according to the statement, the notary divorces began in 2007 following the authorization obtained through Law 11,441. That year, there were 4,080 formalizations without the need for judiciary input “because they were resolved consensually in a notary office.” That number rose to 4,394 the following year.” – Folha

My Take

Either more people wanted to divorce before, yet found the process too cumbersome, meaning it’s just an easier way out now or more people are getting divorced ‘these days’. For this year, I’m predicting drive-through divorce or divorce by text. “Sorry I didn’t get the eggs and milk like you asked…didn’t you get my text earlier???” Jokes aside, I wonder if it’s also getting easier to get married, too, in Brazil (seeing as there’s no “Sin City”, like Las Vegas, there).

The more we facilitate the break-up of the family unit, the harder it will be to bond, and when there is no one to rely on, we become more succeptable to outside influences. Soon, we’ll all be ‘alone together’ (article, video).

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