The Final Post

Note: The blog stopped but the Learn Portuguese ebooks (sidebar) are still available, and will continue to be.

The Final Post has been viewed many times since I posted it and I feel like I need to say a little bit more…PS – You can still find me on Eyes on Recife, a side-project of mine started in 2012. Also, this site’s url will be for a short time.

I started studying Brazilian culture at a time in my life when I was really in need of something meaty enough for me to grab onto with both hands and not let go, something I could count on to keep giving for a long time to come. Brazil was large enough to meet that need, even to the point that I still find myself wanting it to remain my teacher. I stopped blogging about it here, after many years, and yet I still find myself wanting to be taught more and, in turn, to be able to teach more.

What is of most interest to me these days is the Northeast because it’s so diverse and culturally rich, and full of lessons to be learned. It’s where tradition has long met, and even clashed with, modernity. As Clarice Lispector once said,

“(I grew up in Recife, and) I think that living in the Northeast or the North of Brazil is to live more intensely and closer to the real life of a Brazilian..”

These days, though, I think it can be said in another way as well. As a smart friend once explained to me one night in Natal, the Northeast (and, as an extension, Brazil) is not about the old meeting the new or, for example, the Amerindian coming face-to-face with the branco. Brazil isn’t a battle of “us vs. them”, it’s a single entity being confronted with its own inner dualities.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 12.22.30 PM

In any event, a large part of the reason I stopped blogging is that I want to do something more, something better and more focused, something…professional. Phrases like “go big or go home”, “do it well or don’t do it at all” come to mind. If I could have my way, I’d want a magazine or a travel documentary series, something fina that digs deep and where the inclusion of every detail is well-thought-out (a humble Brazil-focused Monocle-like publication, perhaps?). Not saying it’ll happen but it’s possible at some point Eyes On Brazil will get the word “blog” on the end, while Eyes On Brazil proper will become something more ambitious.



The Original “Final Post”

I started learning about Brazil when I was 22 and started this blog when I was 27. Now I’m 32 and also no longer going back and forth to Brazil like I did between ages 24 and 31. My interest in the country and culture remains but I’m looking to keep the written expression of that interest to current and future work. Plus, since I left Brazil almost 9 months ago, readership has fallen by over 50%, going from 20K views per month to under 10K (btw, unique visiters usually come out to be about half the view count).  I attribute a lot of it to the plethora of sources for Brazil news out there today which didn’t exist when I started. Large, US and multinational news companies (not to mention many other blogs) are covering even the smallest of occurences and cultural aspects. This means what I do has to be done creatively or simply in a different manner, and I need to reserve that for paid work.

After sharing 5.5 years, or 65 months, of posts, this will be my last here. That being said, I will continue to update the films list and write at Street Smart Brazil if you’d like to keep reading my stuff. ; )

PS – A quick note on the stats. It’s possible my montly stats are more like 15K-20K but I just don’t know it, since WP doesn’t allow blog owners to know if an email subscriber has looked at a post. With 350 people receiving every post, it’s possible a day of 500 views is really 850 views, and so on. In any event, this remains my last post. Thank you for reading!

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14 thoughts on “The Final Post

  1. Que pena ! e obrigada por tuda a informaçao interesante que vc mandou pra todos nos que amamos a lìngua e cultura brasileira…. aprendi muito com seus post.
    Boa sorte!

  2. I’m an American, married to a Brasileira from Recife, Pernambuco and I’m very sad to hear the news & hope that you may reconsider. I, as do many enjoy, appreciate and learn from them.

    Can’t say why readership is down, need to give some thought but I know for sure your work is worthwhile, valued & appreciated. I ask again that you reconsider. Perhaps just write weekly or a couple times a month, etc.

    It’s a loss and sad news anytime a great English resource dries up. There are not many like this. Thank you but don’t go.


  3. I’m gutted – I read your blog avidly. I’m English and have developed a passion for Brazil, so it’s been very interesting to read how it’s been to live there from your perspective. Wishing you luck for future ventures :)

  4. Will miss your blog Adam. I’ve enjoyed following your perspective as I too live/ have lived in RJ throughout the same time period and found it interesting to compare experiences. You should write for a larger publication that covers newsworthy issues here.

  5. It’s a pitty. Although I didn’t comment on every post, I read every post in my e-mail. I’ll miss the blog! Well, thanks for the interesting posts and good luck!

  6. WOW, Adam, what a sad news. I loved receiving and reading your messages. I am certainly going to miss them. Thanks for everything. All the best to you. P.S. I will keep going back and forth!

    Cheers, Rob

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

    Op 29 aug. 2013 om 14:56 heeft “Eyes On Brazil” het volgende geschreven:

    > >

  7. I felt a sting of sadness, but at the same happy to hear that you are going to use all your creative energy into your paid work. Thank you for having shared your findings about Brazil all these years! I wish you lots of success in your future endearments! I am looking forward to the new things you post on your film list!

  8. Hi Adam, your blog was one of the first blogs I read about Brazil. I’m gutted you’re finishing and wish you all the best. I enjoyed your last post about the independence of Brazil and found a good historical novel about Pedro I you might enjoy ‘El Imperio eres tú’ (Spanish but should be out in English). Cheers

  9. Great content shared to so many – as the interest in brazilan portuguese is growing, in many places unaware of such an enriching culture & its contribution globally. Looking forward to advice shared when available on — to reach my goal to be conversant and effectively knowledgable from very basic, ground level beginnings.

    ‘Sob Nova Direcao’ was a great reference for exposure to a lively – engaging use of the language / humor helps key phrases ‘stick’ to retain for me. We appreciate what you do Adam – to assist others along a path, now familiar – through much effort on your part, paid off as very useful to others also, thanks again.

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