Cybercafes in Brazil to be monitored

After the debate around the use of the Internet in elections, the House will analyze a project approved this Wednesday (the 14th) which would make it nessecary to register yourself in lan houses and cybercafes. According to the proposal, approved a little while ago by the Constitution and Justice Commission of the Senate, the information logged on the computer and the hours of access for each user must be saved for a minimum of three years.

The registration should contain the complete name and the ID number of the user. In case the proposal is transformed into a law, the establishments that are caught not following it will be subject to a fine of $5,000 to $50,000 dollars, in accordance with the gravity of the conduct. In the case of a rehap, the establishment will be stopped from further operations.

The senator Gerson Camata (PMDB-ES), author of the project, highlights the positive characters of the world wide web but argues that lan houses and cybercafes have been used for the practice of crimes of “diverse nature”, among them pedophilia.

“In many of these crimes, to avoid identifying yourself, the deliquents use public access terminals, principally in the demoninated cybercafes and lan houses. The grand majority of these establishments do not demand that users identify themselves, which allows for virtual anonimity among the evildoers,” said the member of parliment from Espirito Santo.

- Source (in PT)

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