‘Modern Warfare’ now in Rio favela

Picture 1

“Images from a story this month by the magazine GameInformer confirm that the new shoot-em-up Modern Warfare 2 will use a Rio de Janeiro favela as a backdrop for part of the game, which is a continuation of the popular “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”. The game also has confirmed scenarios for Afghanistan and Russia.

In the report by GameInformer, the developers promise interactive scenarios which can be destroyed by the player. Beyond this, they guarantee that the game will have a frame rate of 60 frames per second, “even with dozens of explosions occurring at the same time”. – Source (in PT)

My Take

What is wrong with these people? First we have companies creating first-person shooting games, which I’m told are heavily financed by the US military, where the ‘player’ (because it’s just a game, right?) goes around murdering ‘bad guys’ (usually ethnic) while most of the time being dressed in all black outfits. Does this strike anyone as odd that being dressed in black used to mean you were a bad guy and now it means you are with the ‘special forces’? Neither of which need to follow the rules to get the job done.

Second, we have companies reporting on these types of games and third, we have people actually going out and buying them. Violence begets violence. Think for a second how many millions of times you have seen fictitious murder by firearm on TV or in movies…now think of how many times you’ve seen that in real life. I don’t know about you, but my tally is 100 million x 0.

As Akutyger wrote in her Bahia blog a month or two ago, even cartoons have violence. When a character falls off a cliff, we laugh or when a character gets hit repeatedly on the head with a mallet, we laugh. Clearly, we live in a culture of violence, one with no end in sight. Furthermore, when dealing with popular notions of Brazil, this just furthers the idea that Brazil is only a violent, destitute place.

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