A Day in Salvador – via video

In case you saw the article I posted titled “A day and a half in Salvador”, and happen to be more visually oriented, I suggest these great videos on the sights and sounds of Salvador. The videos include notes in English on the location of each sight shown, time stamp and extra info. and they also feature an added bonus of a good trilha sonora (soundtrack) which plays in the background. These are the kinds of intro videos I would make if I were there.

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2 thoughts on “A Day in Salvador – via video

  1. Ahhh….the Salvador I remember!! Steep hills, a gente doing samba anything any time.

    I lived in a little Bahian town way further down the coast for two years in the ’70′s. I’ve always been glad I did.

  2. lol, this is the same day that I lose my chance to live there for one year. I found out that I didn’t prepare enough and therefore lost out on going to school in Salvador. Sounds like it was nice

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