Teaching English in Brazil

Since “blog” brings to mind less interesting images, I’m creating a new word…site-roll (instead of blogroll). Here’s another one for you!

I came across what seems like a very useful site for those looking to teach English in Brazil. The site owner is Danielle and from what I gather, she’s a California native like myself (correct me if I’m wrong) and has been living and teaching in Brazil since April of 2008. That being said, I’m not yet sure where shes located in Brazil but if she checks this out, I’m sure she’ll tell me. Get to know the pitfalls and the victories of going to a foreign country and starting a new career…here’s her site!

Danielle In Brazil

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2 thoughts on “Teaching English in Brazil

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  2. Hello, I am a co-owner of a site called http://www.skypeenglishclasses.com we offer online english classes using Skype. and so far both teachers and students seem to like it we are currently looking for teachers and students in brazil. Please feel free to contact us anytime thru the contacts page on our website or via email thanks!

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