Brazilian judge rules TV essential

Lets lighten up the atmosphere after the story that came yesterday, shall we?

“SAO PAULO (Reuters) – A Brazilian judge awarded $2,600 (1,824 pound) in damages to a man who sued a store for not replacing his faulty television set, ruling that it was an “essential good” needed to watch soccer and a popular reality TV show.

The customer took Casas Bahia, Brazil’s largest furniture and home appliances retail chain, to court for “moral damages” inflicted by not being able to watch television.

“In modern life, you cannot deny that a television set, present in almost all homes, is considered an essential good,” ruled the judge from Campos, a town north of Rio de Janeiro.

“Without it, how can the owner watch the beautiful women on ‘Big Brother,’ the national news broadcast or a football game,” the judge quipped.

Brazilians are passionate soccer fans and are currently following the ninth season of the local version of the popular reality TV show “Big Brother.”

from Yahoo Odd News

My Take

Great! Now there’s stare decisis for this kind of ruling. Personally, I see television as an ‘essential’ disease pushed by the people at the top in order to dumb us down. The only thing that should be allowed onto TV are shows that teach you something, but even with that, you’re left with following “the experts” and rarely deciding issues for yourself.

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