Brazil Making Waves & Using Rays

You got to love this coverage by BBC of internet users in Brazil…especially with its errors. 

Error number one

“People mainly check their emails and sometimes work stuff, like CVs,” said Gus Neto, a regular Lan house user and a listener of the Digital Planet programme.

“They also come here to do a bit of networking, some are using MSN, that’s what they come here to do.”

In fact, the majority who go to LAN houses are screaming teenagers who only go to play interactive shoot ‘em up games online. There was only one I went to where people were generally quite and checking email, etc. 

Error number two

“The internet has a reputation for harbouring some dark areas and for that reason, a rigorous check is done before anyone can use a computer in a Lan house.

“At one point the government of Brazil was worried that a lot of people would come to Lan houses and do dodgy business, especially with paedophilia,” said Mr Neto.

“If people want to use one of these Lan terminals, they have to show their ID, so that they can be traceable,” he added.”

There are no checks done in my experience, all you have to do is give a name and tell them how long you want to use it, if even that much.


In other news…

“While many net users in developed nations can get online pretty much anywhere thanks to reliable electricity and telecoms networks, the same is not true in developing nations where power sockets and fixed line links can be few and far between.

A project at the University of Sao Paulo aims to overcome one of these hurdles by using the sun to power a self-contained wi-fi access point.”

More at BBC

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