Black, White & In-Between

Diving into Brazilian Roots

“In this year’s Rio Carnival competition, he (Neguinho, of Beija Flor) sang a song celebrating Brazil’s African roots in a performance that won his samba school the title.

But having learned to be proud of his African ancestry, he was shocked to find out that about 67% of his genes are European and only 31% African, according to an estimate based on an analysis of his DNA.”

The rest is here on BBC.


At the same time that who is what is in limbo, a new study says blacks will soon outnumber whites in Brazil. 

“Blacks will outnumber Whites in Brazil this year for the first time since slavery was abolished, but the income gap between the two groups may take another 50 years to bridge, according to a recent government study.

The government’s Applied Institute of Economic Research said Brazil, which has the world’s second-largest Black population after Nigeria, is decades away from racial equality despite public policies aimed at decreasing the gap.

Blacks generally earn 50 percent to 70 percent less than Whites, and hold only 3.5 percent of management positions at Brazil’s 500 largest companies, according to the labor-union statistics institute Diesse.”

More on it here.

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3 thoughts on “Black, White & In-Between

  1. Acredito que já deve ter ultrapassado a muito tempo.
    O problema é que muitas pessoas pardas, se consideram brancas. E o Censo registra como “branca”, quando de fato, não é.
    Aos poucos, as pessoas estão assumindo mais a raça, fugindo do tão popular “moreninho”, “pardo”, que o brasileiro tanto adora.

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