Mariana Aydar – Diva Rising

Mariana Aydar is one of Brazil’s many new divas on the rise. She grew up in a musical family, always backstage, sleeping in dressing rooms and accompanying composers and singers to the studio. After studying music in Brazil and in Boston, she spent a year in Paris where she met Seu Jorge (see Brasis the Song), who had her as the opening act on his European tour. She has sung beside many famous singers, including Seu Jorge, Elba Ramalho, Dominguinhos, Arnaldo Antunes, Toni Garrido, Samuel Rosa, Daniela Mercury, Céu, and João Donato, among others.

Her 1st CD, Kativa 1, came out in 2006. Deixa O Verão (below) is a single from that disc.

Save the Summer

While I was escaping, you invented
Any apology for us to stay
And just like that, we didn’t leave

This sofa is just great
Save the Summer for later

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